Safeguarding musts for your Airbnb Rental

If you are an Airbnb host, you obviously want to do everything in your power to keep your property shielded and safe from any damages and emergencies. Airbnb Management is one of the most important factors that you will need to take into consideration. Renting out your property can be daunting especially if you and your family members hope to remain on the property. The last thing that you want to do is to worry about any damage coming to your property especially if your rental is located in another area. To keep your mind at ease, here are some safeguarding must to include for your rental:

Add smoke and carbon dioxide alarms

Adding smoke and carbon dioxide alarms will help to keep your guests protected and safe from debilitating substances in the atmosphere such as carbon monoxide and smoke. Smoke and carbon dioxide alarms are easily accessible and even easier to install. Before you attempt to do it on your own, consider talking to Airbnb Property Management Companies in your area that can advise you on the local area statues.

Increased fire safety protection

You may already have a fire extinguisher or two situated in various points but you should consider adding more fire safety protection that will make your guests feel safe and at ease. Some of the things that you can do include marking all emergency fire safety escape routes and fire exists to make them more accessible and easier for your guests to find. You can also consider posting a list of emergency numbers, including all the prefixes that must be dialed for any guests that are not acquainted with the local phone system.

Post any emergency information

To make your guests feel even safer, ensure that you provide them with all the information they would need in the event of an emergency. Some of the relevant information that you need to provide include:

  • The telephone number for any Airbnb Property Management Companies that you are working with. One such company that provides complete services for Airbnb Management is Home Concierge. In most cases, Airbnb Property Management Companies are responsible for communicating directly with guests in case they have queries, concerns or any emergencies that need handling.
  • The direct contact number of the host, if you are not working with any Airbnb Property Management Companies.
  • The location and phone number of any nearby pharmacies
  • Information regarding the nearest medical treatment center as well as a list of documents that may be required at the emergency room, which will come in handy for any international guests staying in your property.
  • Information for a 24/7 car service

All about Basketball

If you are interested in quenching your thirst of basketball information, you have come to the right place. Basketball is a great social and competitive sport and provides a great lesson in team playing. It is one of the most viewed and most popular sports in the world and involves two teams each with five players that score points against the other through the throwing of a ball through a ‘basket’ known as a hoop. The hoop is usually 10 feet above the pitch in organized sports. Basketball is also a versatile sports as it can played indoors or outdoors.

History of the Game

First invented in 1891, the game involved 18 men in a YMCA gymnasium. Dr James Naismith is often given credit for the creation of basketball as he was tasked with inventing a game that would be played indoors to act as an athletic distraction for a class in New England winter. After discarding the idea to bring indoors games such as lacrosse and soccer he finally came up with basketball and drafted the first original 13 rules of the game. The game started with peach baskets with no holes as the hoops which were later, at the start of the 20thcentury, replaced with the current hoops and a backboard that minimised the frequency of ball retrieval. The ball also underwent changes and wet from being the soccer ball that they used then to a brown and then orange ball. The 13 rules were also expanded and became more complex to accommodate advanced playing and other diverse needs on the pitch.

The Technique

Having gained an understanding of the history of the game, it is worth noting that with each team in basketball, just like soccer, each defends a hoop/basket at the end of the court while also making attempts to score in the other team’s basket. However, players should only take a step and a half without dribbling the ball and failure to do so is termed as ‘traveling’ and is against the rule. Also, the player can only use one hand in dribbling but should never double-dribble. Double-dribbling is when the player dribbles, holds the ball and then dribbles again which is also against the rules.

The Court

The basketball court also known as a pitch is rectangular and is 94 feet by 50 feet wide. The hoop is always placed midway along the width of the court and a mid-court line divides the courts in two parts with a center circle marking the sport for the teams’ initial competition for ball control. On either end, a semi-circular line surround the hoop. It is called the 3-point line and inside it is a small 16-foot long rectangle with yet another semi-circular line that indicates the free throw line.


The game lasts 4 periods of 12 minutes each with breaks in between and after the half-time break the teams switch sides. Every time a team member makes a basket, points are earned and if the shot is from outside the 3 point arc, the players scores 3 points for his team and 2 points if they shoot from inside the arc. Free throws are given to a team if an opposing team member commits a foul on one of their own such as by holding them.

How to Avoid Losing Your Security Deposit

Tenants are often required to pay a security deposit when moving into a property. That money is used to cover the cost of repairing any damages when the tenant moves out. If the tenant leaves the property in pristine condition at the time of moving, the landlord is required to refund 100% of the security. However, at least 20% of tenants have lost their security deposit at some point. In some cases, landlords don’t offer an explanation for retaining the security deposit and this is a violation of tenant rights. Below are a few ways to make sure that you get all of your security deposit.

Discuss expectations with landlord

Go over the lease and ensure that you understand the policies outlined. Make sure you know what happens when one needs to move out quickly. Usually, the deposit is applied to the monies due while the leftover money is refunded back to the client. Ask questions like these; who is responsible for mowing the lawn and shoveling the sidewalk? Should I caulk and paint the house when I move out? Having a conversation with your landlord will help avoid any surprises.

Mind your pets

Tenants with pets are often required to pay pet deposit, which covers the cost of damages caused by a dog when it scratches the floor or the cat when it urinates the carpet. This kind of damage is inevitable and one may not get their deposit if the repairs are expensive. Whether your pet chews up the sprinkler systems, urinates in the carpets or dig up the backyard, repairs will cost real money and it’s up to you to ensure they are taken care of.

Clean the house before moving out

The definitions of clean vary depending on the landlord or management company. Landlords require that the residence be left in the same state it was at the time of moving in. The floors, carpets, rugs, furniture, appliances and rooms should cleaned thoroughly. Consider hiring professional cleaning services. End of tenancy cleaning prices are incredibly affordable in London, and the service offers an effective solution to getting all of your deposit back.

Written permission for any modifications

Renters don’t have a lot of freedom to customize their apartments and as such, it is important to get written permission before making a modification. Tenancy Cleaning London is not Something as simple as installing a chandelier or wallpaper may cost you a considerable percentage of the security deposit. Even if you get verbal permission to paint or the lease doesn’t expressly forbid it, written permission ensures that there aren’t any disputes when you decide to move out.

How to Choose the Best London Cleaning Tenancy Services

It can sometimes prove hard to find the best cleaning tenancy services especially in London that will offer you top quality and professional services.

However, the following tips will help you choose the best companies that will ensure your property id clean enough for occupancy.

Ensure They Have a Checklist

The end of tenancy cleaning is usually through and rigorous. Before hiring any tenancy service company, consider obtaining their list to have a clear picture of the areas of the property that will undergo cleaning. In addition to that, the checklist will help you ascertain if they use the right procedures in cleaning. With more items on the list, you are sure of the best customer satisfaction.


Most tenancy cleaning companies offer their cleaning service based on the size of the property and the contents in it instead of the time they spent cleaning your property. Hiring the services of a tenancy cleaning company based on the amount of time they paid on your property can sometimes lead to some areas not adequately cleaned. Apart from that, this kind of approach can be more expensive than the standard way of cleaning.

 Check for Insurance

The best and professional tenancy cleaning companies provide insurance. You should ensure they have insured their team of professionals and they have clean records.  It is considering that these cleaners will be left in your property cleaning sometimes without any close supervision.

Apart from that, during the process of cleaning, there may be some damage or breakage of items at your rental property. With insurance, you are sure of compensation for these damaged items.

Do The Company Offer Guarantee After Cleaning?

Finding that company that takes the responsibility of re-cleaning the property in case of dissatisfactions is no joke. It is mandatory to ask if they offer such services even before embarking on cleaning your property. Professional and legit companies should provide at least 24 hours of guarantee after the cleaning of your property.

Check for Any Additional Costs

When hiring a cleaning tenancy service company, ask if any other products or items are included in determining the pricing of their services. You will be surprised to realize that some companies include the costs of transporting the supplies used in the process of cleaning in their billing. Choose instead those companies that are transparent in their pricing and any additional charges.


Getting a reference from other people can also be a significant way of landing on the Best Tenancy Cleaning Company. You should ask if their services worked well for them before making a hire.

Four Skills All Young Basketball Players Should Strive to Acquire

What skills do young basketball players need? Is natural talent enough at this stage of their development? Good players train just as well as they play. They appreciate the fact that what they display in competitive games is the result of the training they put in earlier. It is for this reason that their coaches should know the kind of skills to focus on enhancing prior to the game.

Below are some of the most important skills these players need to build.

Improve Speed

Speed is essential. Nobody can play basketball well at a snail’s pace. Speed does not merely refer to the ability to run faster than everybody else on the field. It is all about anticipating the next move. It is about seeing one or two plays ahead of everybody else, especially your opponents. Speed is a skill that coaches can only build in young players. Once they grow older, it becomes harder – if not impossible – to improve any aspect of the pace at which they play.

Strengthen Weak Hands

Young players should find ways of strengthening their weak hands too. Few players are highly effective at playing basketball with their weaker hands as they are with the stronger hands. You will not always be in a position to block, pass, catch the ball, or score with your stronger hands. Moreover, some opponents excel at derailing you so you are not in a position to do anything worthy with your stronger hands.

Strengthening your weaker hands makes you unpredictable too.

Your opponents never know how to handle you.

Develop Strength

Similarly, young players should develop their strength. Many coaches do not focus on this aspect of training because of the belief that strength-training stunts the young players’ growth. Recent research appears to shed doubt on this belief. However, coaches should develop a strength-training program that suits the players, based on age. Some of the tools to use in young players include the following:

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Bands/tubing
  • Body weight
  • Cables
  • Medicine balls

Improve Coordination

Lastly, coaches should encourage the young basketball players to work on improving their coordination. Here, the goal is to enable the young ones to develop different athletic qualities that will prove beneficial to their fledgling careers. Jumping, throwing, running, carioca, cartwheels, jump ropes, and skips are effective here. Be as creative as possible to identify drills that can challenge the young players to go beyond their comfort zone.

Young basketball players need their coaches to help them develop these skills early.

Three Ways Basketball Coaches Overcomplicate Stuff

Basketball coaches can overcomplicate things. They want to excel. They want the best for their teams. They want to create history with the teams they coach. They want to be first among equals. They want to coach players who will go on to play at the top level for years. They want to leave a legacy behind. They want to have as stellar a career as that of the legendary Phil Jackson or Greg Popovich or any of these coaches’ peers. However, in trying to do all that, they end up overcomplicating some of the simplest issues.

What do the coaches complicate tremendously?

Worrying about stuff that will not happen

Basketball coaches are paid to think things through. They build a reputation based on being able to tell what will happen in future. They think ahead. Practice sessions should focus on training or preparing for things that happen most times on the basketball court. Do not waste too much time on the stuff that happen the fewest times, if ever. Build the training sessions around the 80/20 rule. Some coaches build theirs on the 20/80 rule only to realize the things they prepared or trained for never happened; hence, leading to losses or a sack.

Focusing on impressing others

Most basketball coaches try to impress others. They focus on impressing their peers or players. They want to impress their fans. Some have a strong desire to impress players’ parents or agents. They want to prove to the whole world that their coaching abilities are unquestionable and unmatched. They want to show everybody that they can do the job. Instead of trying to impress the whole world and failing miserably at it, you should instead focus on doing the following:

  • Creating better leaders
  • Helping players to improve
  • Helping players to execute the team tactics
  • Winning more games

Overlooking your basketball knowledge and IQ

Basketball coaches should realize they know more than their players. Coaches are capable of grasping and processing detailed basketball concepts better than their players. However, the coach’s focus should be on passing this information on to the players. The result is the players will then be able to execute the tactics and plans better while out on the court. What you know isn’t as important as the knowledge you pass to the players, which they can then display on the court. Additionally, coaches should find ways of overcoming any hint of mental boredom.

The best coaches do not get carried away with wins or losses.