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If you are interested in quenching your thirst of basketball information, you have come to the right place. Basketball is a great social and competitive sport and provides a great lesson in team playing. It is one of the most viewed and most popular sports in the world and involves two teams each with five players that score points against the other through the throwing of a ball through a ‘basket’ known as a hoop. The hoop is usually 10 feet above the pitch in organized sports. Basketball is also a versatile sports as it can played indoors or outdoors.

History of the Game

First invented in 1891, the game involved 18 men in a YMCA gymnasium. Dr James Naismith is often given credit for the creation of basketball as he was tasked with inventing a game that would be played indoors to act as an athletic distraction for a class in New England winter. After discarding the idea to bring indoors games such as lacrosse and soccer he finally came up with basketball and drafted the first original 13 rules of the game. The game started with peach baskets with no holes as the hoops which were later, at the start of the 20thcentury, replaced with the current hoops and a backboard that minimised the frequency of ball retrieval. The ball also underwent changes and wet from being the soccer ball that they used then to a brown and then orange ball. The 13 rules were also expanded and became more complex to accommodate advanced playing and other diverse needs on the pitch.

The Technique

Having gained an understanding of the history of the game, it is worth noting that with each team in basketball, just like soccer, each defends a hoop/basket at the end of the court while also making attempts to score in the other team’s basket. However, players should only take a step and a half without dribbling the ball and failure to do so is termed as ‘traveling’ and is against the rule. Also, the player can only use one hand in dribbling but should never double-dribble. Double-dribbling is when the player dribbles, holds the ball and then dribbles again which is also against the rules.

The Court

The basketball court also known as a pitch is rectangular and is 94 feet by 50 feet wide. The hoop is always placed midway along the width of the court and a mid-court line divides the courts in two parts with a center circle marking the sport for the teams’ initial competition for ball control. On either end, a semi-circular line surround the hoop. It is called the 3-point line and inside it is a small 16-foot long rectangle with yet another semi-circular line that indicates the free throw line.


The game lasts 4 periods of 12 minutes each with breaks in between and after the half-time break the teams switch sides. Every time a team member makes a basket, points are earned and if the shot is from outside the 3 point arc, the players scores 3 points for his team and 2 points if they shoot from inside the arc. Free throws are given to a team if an opposing team member commits a foul on one of their own such as by holding them.

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