How to Avoid Losing Your Security Deposit

Tenants are often required to pay a security deposit when moving into a property. That money is used to cover the cost of repairing any damages when the tenant moves out. If the tenant leaves the property in pristine condition at the time of moving, the landlord is required to refund 100% of the security. However, at least 20% of tenants have lost their security deposit at some point. In some cases, landlords don’t offer an explanation for retaining the security deposit and this is a violation of tenant rights. Below are a few ways to make sure that you get all of your security deposit.

Discuss expectations with landlord

Go over the lease and ensure that you understand the policies outlined. Make sure you know what happens when one needs to move out quickly. Usually, the deposit is applied to the monies due while the leftover money is refunded back to the client. Ask questions like these; who is responsible for mowing the lawn and shoveling the sidewalk? Should I caulk and paint the house when I move out? Having a conversation with your landlord will help avoid any surprises.

Mind your pets

Tenants with pets are often required to pay pet deposit, which covers the cost of damages caused by a dog when it scratches the floor or the cat when it urinates the carpet. This kind of damage is inevitable and one may not get their deposit if the repairs are expensive. Whether your pet chews up the sprinkler systems, urinates in the carpets or dig up the backyard, repairs will cost real money and it’s up to you to ensure they are taken care of.

Clean the house before moving out

The definitions of clean vary depending on the landlord or management company. Landlords require that the residence be left in the same state it was at the time of moving in. The floors, carpets, rugs, furniture, appliances and rooms should cleaned thoroughly. Consider hiring professional cleaning services. End of tenancy cleaning prices are incredibly affordable in London, and the service offers an effective solution to getting all of your deposit back.

Written permission for any modifications

Renters don’t have a lot of freedom to customize their apartments and as such, it is important to get written permission before making a modification. Tenancy Cleaning London is not Something as simple as installing a chandelier or wallpaper may cost you a considerable percentage of the security deposit. Even if you get verbal permission to paint or the lease doesn’t expressly forbid it, written permission ensures that there aren’t any disputes when you decide to move out.

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