How to Choose the Best London Cleaning Tenancy Services

It can sometimes prove hard to find the best cleaning tenancy services especially in London that will offer you top quality and professional services.

However, the following tips will help you choose the best companies that will ensure your property id clean enough for occupancy.

Ensure They Have a Checklist

The end of tenancy cleaning is usually through and rigorous. Before hiring any tenancy service company, consider obtaining their list to have a clear picture of the areas of the property that will undergo cleaning. In addition to that, the checklist will help you ascertain if they use the right procedures in cleaning. With more items on the list, you are sure of the best customer satisfaction.


Most tenancy cleaning companies offer their cleaning service based on the size of the property and the contents in it instead of the time they spent cleaning your property. Hiring the services of a tenancy cleaning company based on the amount of time they paid on your property can sometimes lead to some areas not adequately cleaned. Apart from that, this kind of approach can be more expensive than the standard way of cleaning.

 Check for Insurance

The best and professional tenancy cleaning companies provide insurance. You should ensure they have insured their team of professionals and they have clean records.  It is considering that these cleaners will be left in your property cleaning sometimes without any close supervision.

Apart from that, during the process of cleaning, there may be some damage or breakage of items at your rental property. With insurance, you are sure of compensation for these damaged items.

Do The Company Offer Guarantee After Cleaning?

Finding that company that takes the responsibility of re-cleaning the property in case of dissatisfactions is no joke. It is mandatory to ask if they offer such services even before embarking on cleaning your property. Professional and legit companies should provide at least 24 hours of guarantee after the cleaning of your property.

Check for Any Additional Costs

When hiring a cleaning tenancy service company, ask if any other products or items are included in determining the pricing of their services. You will be surprised to realize that some companies include the costs of transporting the supplies used in the process of cleaning in their billing. Choose instead those companies that are transparent in their pricing and any additional charges.


Getting a reference from other people can also be a significant way of landing on the Best Tenancy Cleaning Company. You should ask if their services worked well for them before making a hire.

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